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Undeclared war leaves a heavy negative impact on the immature children mentality and emotional development, especially those whose parents are directly involved in anti-terrorist operations.
Those kids need psychological help, especially support and understanding.  This project is also important because almost no one is dealing with such problem.

Nadiya Company and volunteers group "Open Heart" are mutually starting the project "I love you more…" within the program "Supporting the Anti- Terrorist Operation forces families » , with the help of our main partner RWANGA Foundation  and  partner- Charity Foundation “The Future of the pre Carpathians” .

Aim of the project.
With this project we intend to provide psychological assistance and social support to the families of Anti-Terrorist Operation forces , diversify and enrich the entertainment and proper children development , help them overcome challenges, depression , mental and emotional difficulties. Also to establish a network of the Anti-Terrorist Operation forces families and children among themselves for sharing their free time, solving similar problems and overcome severe emotional state.
List of the main activities of the project.
1. Excursions and entertaining tours for children from Anti-Terrorist Operation forces families.
2. Organization of sports and educational activities for the children from Anti-Terrorist Operation forces families.
3. Organization of the educational workshops on etiquette, painting, culinary master classes for children, youth workshops and master classes on different project.
During summer, autumn and winter  we will organize a lot of exciting excursions around Ivano-Frankivsk and picturesque Carpathian region, cheerful and delicious master Classes of Cooking School such as preparing Burgers, decorating gingerbreads, European etiquette Classes.
The charity program for the families of Anti-Terrorist Operation forces will start July 8th , 2015 at 10am with delicious breakfast in the Nadiya restaurant and continue with interesting excursion around  Ivano-Frankivsk performed by Nadiya Tourist Agency and a cheerful Burger making and testing Master Class.
The participation in this project is free of charge (presence of certificate of mobilization or Anti-Terrorist Operation forces participance is required).
May God save our soldiers and their families.

Foto project

Project founder                                          Margaryta Boyko
Project manager                                        Mariana Sakiv  tel. +38050 434 09 58
If you wish to cooperate with us, please, don’t  hesitate to contact us.

charity events

St.Nicolas Day for boarding school children