Internal Rules and Regulations

Internal Rules and Regulations in “Nadiya ” Hotel
1 .General principles.

1.1. The internal rules of staying in “Nadiya” hotel, hereafter the rules regulate the basic requirements concerning the staying in “Nadiya” Hotel, (hereafter Hotel) that acts over the territory of Ukraine providing the services of the temporary staying (providing hotel services) for consumers regulate relations between consumers (individuals who stay in the hotel or intend to use the hotel services) and “Nadiya” Hotel as the performer of these services.

1.2. In its activity “Nadiya” Hotel follows the Law “About Tourism”, “ Rules of hotel accommodation and similar means of accommodation and providing hotel services ” upheld by the Ukrainian National Tourist Administration from the 16th of April 2004 № 19 of these rules, also by the other valid legislation of Ukraine. In accordance with the legal acts the hotel is awarded “Tree Star” Hotel.

1.3. In these Rules, the terms have following meanings:

Hotel – Hotel "Nadiya" is the structural subdivision of the Limited Liability "Nadiya", consists of rooms, provides hotel services that go beyond the daily making beds, cleaning rooms and bathrooms;

Consumer – a person who purchases, books, uses or intends to purchase or book hotel services for his/her own needs;

Client - physical or legal entity, including the subject of tourism (tour operator, travel agent), that concludes the contract with the hotel for providing hotel services on behalf and for the benefit of consumers and makes payment or provides guarantees for payment under this contract;

Hotel services – activity of hotel which include placing the consumer by providing a hotel room for temporary residence, as well as other activities related to the placement and accommodation. Hotel services consist of basic and additional services provided by the customer when placing in hotel;

Basic services – scope of hotel services which are included in the room rate and provided to the consumer in accordance with the signed contract;

Additional services – list of hotel services, that are not included in the basic services of the hotel, the customer order and pay separately;

Room – separate furnished premises consisting of one or more rooms equipped for temporary accommodation;

Bed ( sofa bed) – a part of the room area with bed linens, towels and other inventory as to the category of the hotel , designed and suitable for a person;

Booking – the process of a customer reserving fixed and / or additional hotel services in any amount to be used in due time for the particular customer or group of customers;

Guaranteed reservation – reservation guaranteed by prepaid services or number of credit card;

Non-guaranteed reservation - booking services without their prior payment, provided availability of free rooms upon checking -in .

Confirmation of booked services – hotel's agreement of the implementation of the ordered list of basic and additional services in accordance with the application;

Denial of service reservations – the hotel refusal of reserving basic and / or additional hotel services;

Cancellation of booking - customer refusal of booked services;

Timely cancellation – customer refusal of using booked services no later than one day before the scheduled date of arrival or in the contract terms;

Late cancellation – annulling within a period less than one day before the scheduled date of arrival or in the contract terms;

Non-arrival – actual consumer or consumer groups non-coming at the hotel on the day of arrival;

Check-in date - the date of arrival of the consumer to the hotel;

Check-out date - the date of departure of a hotel;

Early check-in – checking in of the consumer before the hotels check-in hour;

Late check-out - leaving the hotel after check-out hour on the day of departure;

Check-out time - the determined hour till which the consumer has to leave the room on the day of departure and make full payment for the received service;

Penalties – fine paid by a contract partner in case of neglecting to fulfill the contract or existing legislation.

1.4. 24-hours working day.

1.5. Front office manager has the appropriate knowledge, knows foreign languages, has medical examination, the results of which are denoted in the personal medical books, and must follow the professional etiquette rules ( be polite, courteous , have tidy appearance ).

1.6. The hotel used detergents that are allowed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are certified.

1.7. Technical equipment and a minimum set of services provided by the hotel meet the requirements of established standards and other legal acts for the category “Three stars”.

1.8. The hotel has book of reviews and suggestions, which is at the front desk.

1.9. The hotel has books of registered rules of safety employee on the premises.

2. Information about services.

2.1. The hotel informs consumers of the name and address of the legal body, the category of hotel and other necessary information.

2.2. The hotel provides consumers with accurate information about the hotel services, that information can be find at the front office of the hotel and includes the following:
- The above-mentioned Rules ;
- Certificate of the relevant category award;
- A copy of the certificate of hotel services;
- Price list of hotel rooms and the order of payment;
- List of additional services provided for separate payment;
- Information about the working hours of food service establishments (restaurants), trade and other facilities located at the hotel;
- Information about the bodies implementing consumer rights protection.

2.3. List of basic services included in the price of the room:
- Accommodation;
- Buffet breakfast.
All room rates include free WI-FI.

2.4. List of additional services and price list of these services are located at the front desk of the hotel and in every hotel room.

3. The procedure of reservation, making the contract for hotel services and services payment.

3.1. The hotel has the right to make a contract with the customer (consumer) for room reservation by bilateral signing it, and by taking requests for reservations by mail, telephone, fax or other communication ( by e-mail, through the website of the hotel, etc. ) that allows to establish applications ownership of the consumer or customer. A contract is concluded and the reservation is made only if a written reservation is send to the hotel and the parties reach an agreement on all essential terms.
For reservations and prepayments on the site the customer must provide a credit card number for preauthorization.

3.2. Non-guaranteed booking is canceled if the consumer does not check in the hotel till 6 p.m.

3.3. In case of the booking cancellation at least one day later to the date of actual arrival or no-show the hotel has the right to charge the customer the rate of the daily cost.

3.4. Agreement on providing basic hotel services may be concluded by the customer in favor of the consumer on behalf of the latter.

3.5. The hotel has the right to apply suitable rates and discounts on all services rendered, except of which the state regulation of prices and tariffs is used.

3.6. Room rate, additional services and its value is set by the hotel only; form of payment is determined by the contract between the consumer / customer and the hotel.
The hotel uses a daily payment of hotel services and identifies a list of basic services included in the room rate.
3.7. Agreement on providing basic hotel services for the consumer is concluded after filling and signing the registration card and is certified by the invoice or other document confirming the contract.

3.8. Agreement of hotel services may be concluded for a definite or indefinite period.

3.9. When a contract for an indefinite period is agreed its duration usually is the most short time –  one day, the treaty in this case ends at 12.00 pm, the day following the day of consumer arrival. Intending to extend the term of staying a consumer must inform the front office manager about it before 10.00 am on the day of departure. In this case accommodation  continues if the vacant rooms are available.

3.10. Payment for hotel services is charged according to a common check-out hour 12 pm on the current day, of local time.
The Hotel sets next check-in and check-out time :
- Check in time – from 12:00 p.m. ;
- Check –out (departure time ) – till 12:00 p.m.
In case staying less than one day, the hotel will charge a fee per day regardless of the check -in time.

3.11. Checking in from 0:00 to 12:00 (early check-in ), or checking out from 12:00 to 24:00 (late check-out ) the consumer pays an additional charge of 50% of the cost of a room / place for one day according to the current rate.

3.12. In case of early departure the consumer must inform the front office manager before 10.00 am on the day of departure. In case of leaving the room till 12.00 pm of the current day the consumer receives back its unused funds paid earlier.
Returning money for unused accommodation / service has the following procedure:
- The administrator receives from the consumer invoice together with the passport or other ID document;
- Consumer fills in the "Statement of returning unused funds" on behalf of the hotel management;
- Administrator returns to the consumer funds in the amount of unused services;
- Consumer receives invoice for actual services received.

3.13. Placing children under five years old with his parents in the same room without extra bed, pay for accommodation of the children will not be charged (except for services not included in the room rate).

3.14 Placing children aged five to twelve years with parents for providing their own bed in the room the charge is of 50 % of the beds (not including breakfast).

3.15. Per staying in the hotel consumer pays the tourist tax at the rate of one per cent of the cost of living, without VAT. From payment of tourist tax , upon presentation of supporting documents are released :persons who are resident, including conditions of recruitment, in Ivano-Frankivsk, persons arriving on a business trip, the disabled, children and persons with disabilities accompanying disabled persons and groups or disabled children (not more than one maintainer), war veterans, the participants of the Chernobyl accident).

3.16. Payment for the mini-bar and telecommunication services (including local, long distance and international telephone calls), except for internal calls of the hotel, are paid by the consumer upon checking-out of the hotel.
4. The order of service providing.

4.1. Hotel room is given to our customers upon presentation of ID document and the completed and signed registration card.
ID document:
- passport of citizen of Ukraine;
- foreign passport, diplomatic or service passports;
- seaman ID;
- residence certificate permits a person to live in Ukraine, but is not a citizen of Ukraine;
- national passport of a foreigner or a document that is related, and the ongoing visa for staying in Ukraine ( if another is not provided by bilateral treaties);
- birth certificate of minors under 16 years;
- driver's license;
- for military people – Facial ID or military ID;
- certificate issued by the customer workplace, etc.
 The hotel is obliged to provide benefits to those categories of customers for whom such benefits are set, in the manner and to the conditions set by the law.

4.2. After the paperwork for accommodation and payment of hotel services the customer receives the invoice and the room. If the customer loses a key, he/she should pay the cost of it according to the price list.
4.3. Termination of hotel services with the customer / consumer is determined by the contract and by law.

4.4. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract (check-out the guest) if the consumer:
- violates these rules, resulting in property damage and/or creates an inconvenience to other users;
- fails to pay on time and/or not fully pay the cost of hotel services;
- violates public order;
- breaks the silence from 11 pm to 7 am;

4.5. The hotel has the right to refuse check -in in the following cases:
- the consumer has no documents or documents are not valid or expired, or it is suspected that the documents are false;
- the visitor is untidy, with dirty appearance, he is drunk and behaves disorderly and aggressively;
- the visitor refuses to comply with the rules of staying in the hotel;
- the person is in the list of unwanted visitors;
- in other cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.
In case of contentious cases the question is solved by the hotel administration. The Hotel keeps records of unwanted visitors.

4.6. The hotel should provide:
- round-the-clock registration of consumers who check in and out in the hotel;
- conditions for a calm resting;
- security and privacy on a resident person;
- professionalism in hotel services providing;
- room cleaning or repairing during resident absence or with his/her permission;
- proper technical service, if it is impossible to fix the problem - to provide new room;
- bed linen, towels and toilet articles changing on the wish of the guest, but at least twice a week;
- completeness and well-working of equipment in the room, and the room quality at the checking-in.

4.7. At the guest request the Hotel is obliged to provide the following services without extra pay:
- an ambulance call;
- correspondence delivery to the room;
- wake-up call at a certain time;
- keeping valuable things of a guest in the hotel safe box, except for weapons and prohibited items;
- call of a taxi.

4.8. The hotel is not responsible for the safety of the consumer items that are in the hotel room.

4.9. In case of loss or damage of the consumer items he/she must inform the front desk managers immediately. If the consumer did not present its claims before the checking-out it is considered his belongings not to have been lost or damaged.

4.10. In case of leaving the personal belongings in the hotel, hotel should notify the owner immediately, if the owner is known. Left things are kept in the hotel for six months.

4.11. In order to ensure the safety of customers, visitors (guests) and employees the video recording is used in public places. By signing the registration card the guest agrees to the use of video surveillance systems in the hotel.

4.12. By signing the registration card consumers give the hotel his consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data in order to ensure the realization of economic, legal, administrative, fiscal relations, relations in the field of accounting, auditing and statistics, etc. according to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".

4.13. The consumer must:
- comply with this Regulation;
- comply with fire safety regulations;
- adhere to cleanliness in the room and common areas;
- not make noise exceeding permissible limits;
- do not use boilers, irons and other appliances which do not belong to the room equipment;
- leaving the room check whether the door is closed, hand over the keys at the reception of the hotel;
- pay damages in case of loss or damage made to the hotel at the procedure in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.14. The consumer has no right to transfer the room where he stays to others.

4.15. Visitors are allowed to stay in a hotel room, with the consent of residents and with the permission of the hotel during the period from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The resident of a hotel room is responsible for quest actions. The receptionist has the right to verify the ID documents of the visitor.

4.16. Staying with pets in the hotel and common areas is strictly prohibited, except for animals whose owners are living in hotel rooms. Accommodation with pets in rooms is regulated by " Rules and Regulation of accommodation with pets" annexed here.

4.17. Storage of big items, explosive, toxic, flammable substances, weapons in the rooms, hotel safe and its territory is strictly prohibited.

4.18. Shooting, including with air guns, fireworks, pyrotechnics use, setting fire on site of the hotel is strictly prohibited.

4.19. Smoking tobacco products is prohibited in the hotel, except for designated smoking rooms and areas. A penalty of 100 UAH will be charged for smoking in the rooms of the hotel.

4.20. Taking any video and photography at the hotel side including hotel rooms is prohibited.

5. Responsibility of the hotel and consumers at time of hotel services providing.

5.1. The hotel is obliged to provide quality hotel services in accordance with current legislation, "Rules of hotel use and similar accommodation", these Rules and Agreement. Technical support for the hotel and for the quality of services provided to consumers must comply with the assigned hotel category "three stars".

5.2. In case of default the whole or part of contractual obligations related to the providing of hotel services, the guilty party should compensate the other part's losses.

5.3. In the case of a failure to meet the conditions previously concluded in the agreements with the consumer/customer to provide hotel services, at the request of the consumer the Hotel should ensure his/her placement in another hotel, located in the area. Additional costs associated with this are covered by the hotel.

5.4. Identifying misunderstandings/problems in the service consumers may require to fix them promptly. The hotel receives, examines and resolves complaints only when a customer stays in the hotel. After checking out the claims and complaints are not considered.

5.5. According to the current legislation of Ukraine the Hotel is responsible for the safety of guests. The hotel is not liable for defects in the services provided, if it proves that they have been the fault of the guest (guest visitor) or as a result of force majeure.

5.6. Damages that are caused by the customer due to the loss or damage to the property of the hotel, are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Monitoring compliance with the Rules.

6.1. Monitoring compliance of the Hotel with these Rules is controlled by local administrations, local authorities, central executive authority on tourism and other central executive bodies within their competence.

6.2. The Hotel is obliged to monitor compliance with this rule of the staff. In case of violation perpetrators are liable in accordance with applicable law.

Addendum to Internal Regulations of "Nadiya" hotel
Rules of check-in with pets

1. Animals in the hotel are pets of small and medium breeds. The hotel keeps the right to determine whether accommodation is possible in the pet-friendly rooms.
2. The hotel allows check-in of people with disabilities and serving their needs animals (dog guides or other animals).
3. The hotel allows staying on the territory of specific police animals (security dogs, dogs snuff takers, etc.).
4. Upon check -in with pet, guest is obliged to familiarize with the "Rules for Accommodation with pets" and put a signature confirming acceptance of these rules.
5. Guest is obliged to bring a special rug or a special cage for a pet.
6. Guest is obliged to walk their dogs medium and large sizes only muzzled.
7. Walking pets on territory is forbidden.
8. Guest is required to bring their own special dishes for feeding pet.
9. Guest is required to bring a special tray for pets’ toilet.
10. Feeding the pet of the vessels belonging hotel is strictly prohibited.
11. In the absence of a special cage for a pet, you may not leave pets unattended in the hotel room or in the lobby.
12. It is forbidden to bring pets to the restaurant, bar, and other public places.
13. Do not clean the pets in the shower room, use towels, sheets and other bedding belonging to the hotel.
14. It is forbidden to comb pets in room and lobby.
15. Guest is obliged to ensure absence of the pet during room cleaning or repairing in the room.
16. On the arrival at the hotel with a pet, the guest is obliged to make a cash deposit for the room for the possible risk in the loss of hotel property. In the absence of losses, after checking-out, a cash deposit is returned. In case of bigger losses guest is required to make additional payment to cover consequential damages.
17. The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with a guest residing with animals because of:
• In case of violation of the rules of residence;
• If there is aggressive, inadequate, noisy behavior pet.
18. The animal may be off leash only within the room, which is inhabited by its owners.
19. It is forbidden to walk with animals off leash in public areas - halls and corridors of the hotel.