Safety measures


What to do when you hear the air hazard siren in the city:
1. Follow the steps provided by the hotel voice assistant.
Take documents, warm clothes, and everything necessary.
2. Bring an first-aid kit, documents, warm clothes.
3. Turn off everything in your room. Lock the room.
4. Don’t use elevators.
5. Go to the main entrance of the hotel. Don’t use a safety exit.
6. Keep calm and follow the responsible employee of the hotel (dressed in a colored vest to the shelter, which is located in the basement of the theater building (to the right of the hotel).

APPROXIMATE EVACUATION TIME - 7 minutes. After that, the exit from the hotel will be blocked.


The NADIYA HOTEL team guarantees you a safe stay at our hotel, the highest level of service and special care. For this, we have taken the following measures:

·   at the entrance to NADIYA HOTEL you will be met by an administrator who will inform you about the safety rules. There is safety information against COVID – 19 at the hotel reception;

·   body temperature will be measured throughout your stay at the hotel;

·   all the hotel staff is provided with masks and latex gloves;

·   the hotel restaurant is in compliance with all statutory requirements for distance and number of people at the table. The buffet breakfast is served by waiters, lunch and dinner are ʻAla Carte;

·   all the hotel staff is constantly under medical supervision.



·   is under daily medical examination, body temperature is measured during the working day. Employees with a high temperature are not allowed to work;

·   work in masks to protect theirs and your health;

·   was instructed in sanitation and hygiene;

·   change the uniform daily, which  is washed at a temperature of 60 ° C and ironed.

·   аll production areas and rooms are organized in compliance with the rules of social distance;

·   workplaces are equipped with the necessary means for personal hygiene and hand sanitizer.


·   Disinfection procedures are carried out regularly in the public areas of the hotel;

·   Premises are disinfected with mobile bactericidal lamps - recirculators to kill viruses and bacteria;

·   Ventilation and air conditioning systems, which are installed in all enclosed spaces, are regularly sanitized and disinfected;

·   Sanitation and disinfection of restrooms and sinks located in the public areas of the hotel are constantly carried out;

·   Antiseptics are installed in public areas;

·   Elevators and elevator call buttons are disinfected regularly.


To organize safe and comfortable stay hotel rooms:

·   are regularly exposed to disinfection;

·   disposable cloths are used when cleaning rooms;

·   bed linen is not shaken or knocked out during replacement;

·   all textiles used in the decoration of the room, is in the process of disinfection by washing at a temperature of 60-90 ° C and thorough ironing;

·   brochures and other promotional materials are disinfected;

·   after cleaning and sanitation, the room is disinfected with mobile bactericidal lamps - recirculators;

·   the results of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of rooms are checked by qualified foremen of maids who have undergone special training.


·   disinfection of all vehicles;

·   there is an antiseptic at the entrance to the bus;

·   during the transfer guide and driver use masks;

·   tourists are required to wear a mask during the entire transfer, vehicles are provided with disposable masks;

·   tourists are required to put their luggage in the luggage compartment;

·   carrying suitcases in the bus cabin is prohibited;;

·   the air conditioning system in the bus is disinfected;

·   the driver ensures the accounting of each disinfection of the bus;

·   if necessary, when boarding a bus for tourists, the body temperature is measured with non-contact thermometers.


·   before the start of the tour, the guide provides tourists with detailed information on the need to comply with and ensure the established rules and requirements;

·  guides and tourists during the whole tour, when visiting museums, historical places, at stops, during excursions, etc. are obliged to use masks, to observe social distance.