Master classes

Author’s master classes in perfect etiquette

At our master classes you will learn the basic rules of table etiquette:

- How to behave at the table?
- How to eat a familiar meal or delicious exotic delicacies?
- How to set the table according to the rules of etiquette?
- How to use cutlery?

Also incredible interesting facts in gastronomy:

- Why people do not use toothpicks in Korea;
- What dishes were invented by accident;
- What dish makes you literally speechless;
- Who discovered coffee and how much is the most expensive coffee in the world;
- Molecular cuisine - what it is?

The price: basic master class – 250 UAH, advanced – 350 UAH.

The price includes an exquisite four-course dinner with presentation and tasting of wines from a professional sommelier, flaming dessert show ‘Flambe’ in front of the audience and closer acquaintance with the ‘Nadiya’ company (tour by the hotel, kitchen and dining halls, visiting Confectionery House ‘Nadiya’).

Advance registration: +38 (050) 434 09 87

Creative master-classes from confectioners of ‘Nadiya’ company

Feel like a real confectioner with us!

You will learn the fascinating history and romantic legend about the origin of gingerbreads, have a recipe for sweet gingerbread dough and learn the secrets of its making at the master class.

Sculptor confectioner of ‘Nadiya’ company will tell about the innovative technique of gingerbread painting. A confectionary glaze and sweet decor will help to create a beautiful souvenir of own painting!

Price - 200 UAH.

Tea drinking with sweets from Confectioner House ‘Nadiya’ is included!

Advance registration: +38 (050) 434 09 87